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Need help finding PSU

Hi I just bought parts for my gaming pc and those parts are, Ryzen 5 3600x -cpu, 1660 TI -gpu, Asus prime b450M-A/CSM -mobo, 16gb ram, 2b hdd, 250gb ssd, and nzxt h510 as my case. Now I just need my psu but I do not know which one to get.  


  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    Hello @Tab! Welcome to the Community. 

    My recommendation would be  a power supply that's at least 80+ Bronze rated at 650W or 750W.  That will provide you some headroom for upgrades in the future and decent efficiency. 

    There's a lot of solid options for PSUs out there. If you want something high-quality that will provide you with good longevity for future upgrades, I'd recommend something from the Seasonic Focus Series or EVGA Supernova series. They're more expensive but if you plan to do upgrades or re-use it for builds in the future, you'll find that good power supplies last a very long time.

    For a more budget option, our Powerspec power supplies are a solid option that should work well. 

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