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Help connecting 3rd monitor

We had a desktop built at your store and have connected 3 monitors to it - 2 to the DP and 1 to the HDMI. The desktop is only detecting 2 monitors.


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    Hello @Elisa! Welcome to the Community

    Under your email address I found a custom build with a Ryzen 5 3600 and a GTX 1660 Super for the video card. While we would normally install the drivers after assembly, I'd recommend downloading and installing the video card drivers for your computer.

      Go to, search for the GTX 1660 Super or do the automatic driver updates by downloading the Geforce Experience. Once the drivers are downloaded, restart the computer and see if the third monitor will show up. 

    I would also double check that all the monitors are on the correct input. If you're using any adapters (like HDMI to DP, VGA to DP or something else along those lines) try the adapter with one of the working monitors and see if the issue follows the adapter. I would do the same with the cables, try switching the cables around to see if the issue follows the cable, or if it's isolated to a specific monitor. 
  • download the driver and restarted the computer. I could not try the DP to DP cable on any other monitor because none of my other monitors have a DP port, but I just purchased this cable at your store yesterday. When I put one of the HDMI cables to the monitor that wasn't working, it did work, but I am still unable to view a monitor using DP to DP - do I need to purchase another HDMI to DP cable and try that?
  • I end up connecting HDMI to DP (vs DP to DP) and that soled the issue
  • Great! I'm glad you got it resolved. If you have any other questions, please reach out again! We'd be happy to help. 
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