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Dell Laptop Keyboard Issue

I bought a Dell laptop for my wife on 3/24 because she was forced to work from home due to Covid 19.  All of a sudden the b,n,/, and space bar stopped working.  What can we do to remedy this situation?  Can it just be swapped out for another?  


  • Yes, you can swap the keyboard out on a laptop. Difficult varies by the model but it's typically a pretty quick process and the keyboards on basic Inspiron models are generally cheap. Stop in with the laptop and we can get a keyboard on order. You can use an external USB keyboard in the meantime.
  • If I bought it in late March, wouldn't it still be under warranty?  Do I need an appointment?
  • If it was a new-in-box laptop it come with a 1-year warranty so it'd still be well within that time period. 

    If it was refurbished, those come with 90-day warranties, so depending on exactly what you mean by late March we'd have to check the exact date. 
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