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Issues with Z490 Aorus Master - Voltages, Memory timings, and AIO pump control

Is anyone else having this issue and can it be fixed via a BIOS update?


  • Could you give some more detail on what kind of issues you're having? Are you unable to set the voltages and timings, are they reverting after you try to change them? Or is it that you're getting instability with your settings? 

    Any extra information you can provide would be helpful!
  • The voltages dont set properly, the timings for memory are worse on this board than an Asus Z170-a, and my AIO water pump just revs up for no reason. 10700k doesnt go past 40-50 with whirring up from the AIO.
  • In my opinion the water pump should just run at 100% all the time anyway, but that's up to preference. 

    It looks like they did release a BIOS update on 6/15 for that board, so updating your BIOS may be worth a shot and that's what I'd do first. Even if the update doesn't specifically target memory stability or things like that, it may still help with the issues you're having. That said, memory timings are finicky and just because you're using the same RAM doesn't mean you'll be able to set it the same way as you did on your Z170 because you have a different processor and probably different memory topology on the new board. I would expect to have to use different timings than before. 

    As for your voltages, I'm still not fully clear on exactly what you mean by they don't set properly. Is your voltage sagging or overvolting? If so, you'll want to change your Load Line Calibration setting. Is it reverting after you set it? Is it just going to a different setting than you try to put it to?
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