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Motherboard Issues

I purchased a ASUS z390-e gaming motherboard with a warranty from this Columbus location back in October and I am having some serious issues with it. I was experiencing some boot loops and the error color leads to an issue with memory(solid orange LED). After trouble shooting all day yesterday with numerous types of ram, I found that only slots 3 and 4 on the motherboard recognize memory. For example, if I use slots 1 and 3 or 2 and 4 the computer boot loops and wont post anything to my monitor. I've tried even using just one stick at a time and multiple different types as mentioned before in slots 1 and 2 but no post. Whats weird is slots 3 and 4 both work with one stick and two but I'm sure I am loosing some performance in not staggering them correctly as it should be. The BIOS is up to date, I've ran a memory check which had no issues, and have preformed many different troubleshooting steps to avoid any other possibility. I am thinking that the motherboard is defective and would like to know what to do from here.
I appreciate your help.


  • Dual channel boards are divided into two channels. Channel A and Channel B. From left to right the ports are numbered A1, A2, B1, B2. You've done exactly what you should be doing in this situation and you've proven that Channel A is essentially dead and the motherboard should be replace. Do you recall if you purchased a replacement plan on the motherboard?
  • unfortunately, I can't reach the store through phone so its providing very tough to communicate with them. I do not want to disassemble my entire build just to get there and they tell me they need more information about it or anything along those lines.
  • Opening a ticket for you. I'm going to contact you via email to see if we can get some information and look up your order and what's covered. We'll see what we can do.
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