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KVM switch or docking station?

Need to run a work laptop & a home pc via the same keyboard, monitor, & mouse for teleworking. I do not have permissions to load software or exotic drivers on the work laptop, a dell latitude 2 in 17350 tablet w/ keyboard. The home desktop is a 7 year old dell XP’s 8700. Both are Win10. I have a variety of hdmi, usb 3.0, & vga connectors in the various devices I’d like to string together so I could (rather) effortlessly switch between the 2 systems. I’ve not used a KVM or a docking system before & I wasn’t sure which is the ideal solution.


  • For what you're trying to do the KVM with the appropriate video input/outputs would be the best solution. A dock is more meant to add functionality to a laptop. And unless you have USB C with DP Alt mode, you would be required to install software for the dock, which would be a problem. KVM is meant to switch your peripherals between the two systems with the press of a button.
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