POWERSPEC G706 emanating loud buzzing noise — Micro Center

POWERSPEC G706 emanating loud buzzing noise

I can't use my microphone because it picks up a buzzing coming from the computer. It's very annoying even without affecting the use of a microphone. Anyway to fix this? Is it the fans hitting against a wire or something?

Thank you


  • Have you tried plugging in the microphone to both the front and back of your computer? Things like this can be caused by the ports. I'd also test another microphone, if you have one, just to be safe. 

    I would also disconnect any other peripherals you have and see if it goes away. Not too long ago I believe somebody made a post here on the forum where they were getting static/feedback when listening to their headphones, but it was weirdly being caused by their webcam being plugged in. 
  • Thanks for your response! I'll try the back port, it's very possible that's the issue. The ports they're in now are right next to the giant fans on the tower's ceiling. This headset is pretty old , which could also be the issue. Hopefully this works
  • Hope so! Let us know if you have any other questions. 
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