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powerspec g434 CPU cooler noisy fan

I just bought a powerspec g434 and the fan on the ligquid cooler is making a lot of noise. What fan do I need to order to replace it?


  • Could you describe in a little more detail the type of noise you're getting? Is it like a grinding or clicking, or is it just the normal fan noise, but a little too loud for your preferences?

    The cooler used in the G434 is the Cooler Master ML240L, which uses 120mm fans. Any other standard 120mm fan should fit if you wanted to replace them yourself, but if there's something wrong with one of the fans, we would want to have our service desk verify that and either exchange the unit or replace the fan under warranty. 
  • Its a grinding noise. Sounds like a fan that is dying. I'd rather not lose my computer for days to get a fan replaced.
  • Yeah, if it's something like grinding then it's likely it's just a bad fan. Computer systems we sell come with a 15-day return period, so if you're still within that you're always welcome to just exchange it instead. 
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