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Two of the same SKU monitors, different color depth on each

Hey everyone,
So I bought an Acer VG240Y back in February of 2020. I later decided to run a dual monitor setup and picked up a second of the exact same monitor today now that they are back in stock. Long story short, the monitors are the same, the SKU's are the same, but one monitor is running at a 10-bit color depth while the other is running at a 12-bit color depth. Additionally, when I look at each monitor separately in the "Advanced display settings" it shows that my first monitor is a "VG240Y P" and the one I bought today is a "VG240Y V". Is the V and P at the end of each something that Windows 10 puts there to allow for separate identification, or are they legitimately two different sub models (maybe?) of the same model monitor? My next question is, if they were suppose to be the same--what happened?


  • IanIan admin
    Greetings. I have opened up an email ticket with you about this, please respond back so we can check into this further for you.
  • @TSIanL Thank you, I received the email. New problem though..... my old display has now stopped working all of a sudden. It is no longer being detected by my PC in any way shape or form. Swapped out the cords and still nothing. Did installing this new one just roast my old one? Or maybe my computer/GC is having issues detecting two "different" monitors?
  • It's more likely an issue with the video card than it is the monitor, though it's always possible the monitor went bad.

    I would start by reinstalling your video drivers for your computer, then re-attaching everything. Make sure your monitor is on the correct input, and try unplugging/replugging its power cord as well. 
  • @TSTonyV So there's a handful of issues going on with this monitor lol I've been on the phone with Acer with the past hour. The monitors are in fact different -____-
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