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quesstion about buying a computer

We want to buy a dell inspiron computer. We want to talk to someone about how we would transfer files from an old computer to the new one. How is this done? Do we bring in the old computer or do you do this remotely? My email is [removed for privacy].


  • Hello @Joyce_pulcini! Welcome to the community. I removed the email address from your comment since this is a public forum and we want to protect your privacy. 

    Our service desks at the store can do data migration/transfer for $79.99 if you bring your old system in when you purchase the new one. Just keep in mind that we'd be transferring data, not software. So documents, pictures, music files, etc... would be transferred, but programs like Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, etc... would have to be redownloaded/reinstalled on the new computer. 

    If you want to do the data transfer yourself, the simplest way would be to copy all your information from the old computer to an external hard drive, then transfer it from the drive onto the new computer. 
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