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Can the corsair ll120 three pack with lighting node pro work with gigabyte z390 pro wifi?

i have heard that the corsair ll120 fans need 5v fan headers to power. is that true can someone tell me if it is true or not. and secondly if it is true, i cant seem to find any info on if the gigabyte z390 pro wifi has 12v fan headers or 5v! I JUST NEED TO KNOW IF THAT MOTHERBOARD WORKS WITH 6 CORSAIR LL120 FANS! 


  • Greetings @Prathik

    Yes. RGB is 12V, ARGB(Addressable) is 5V. So you would look to see what RGB headers your motherboard has. This board has RGB headers labelled LED_C# and addressable headers labeled D_LED#. So you would be able to run RGB or ARGB lighting strips or fans.
  • yes but the rgb part is connected to the lighting node pro but the actual power comes from the 4 pin PWM FAN HEADERS on the motherboard right? Or you at least need the fan headers to plug the fans into since they have two cables, one for the hub and one for the fan headers on your motherboard. I'm asking if my motherboard supports 6 of these corsair ll120 fans. the way you can tell is by first looking at how many fan slots there are and then seeing if they are compatible with my fans because, for example, the fan headers could be like 5 volts when the fans may need 12 volts of power. another example is if I only have 5 fan headers instead of 6 for all 6 fans please let me know with a detailed response thank you. and could you explain how the corsair ll120 fan three pack works? the other three fans come with the corsair 465x case.
  • i dont think the fans plug into a rgb header on the motherboard i think they plug into a fan header
  • @Prathik

    That's correct. With an RGB case fan you're going to have a 12v power for the fan, 3 pin 4 pin PWM. Then you'll have a seperate cable that's RGB or ARGB. They both will connect to separate headers or controllers. So look at your D_LED1-2 for the RGB connectors and the SYS/CHA_FAN headers for the fans. You can use the AIO, CPU_OPT and W_PUMP as well. The latter is just a port that provides more amperage for a D5. D5's draw about 2A. Most fan headers are rated at about 1A. 120MM fans tend to average about 300mA. You can by breakout cables or splitters, to run multiple fans, by either RGB or power off of one header. I'd keep it at 3 per SYS/CHA  header to stay under 1A draw.
  • Hello @Prathik

    Just to clarify, as someone who has a lot of experience with Corsair Fans... being a Corsair Fan myself, the motherboard will not support 6 Fans without the use of splitters or a Fan Controller.  They are standard fan plugs, 4 Pin PWM.  I highly recommend getting a Corsair Commander Pro as it is a 6 Fan Controller with a built in Lightning Node Pro so it can also manage your RGB.  Corsair's RGB Wires are proprietary and can only plug into the Corsair RGB Hub.  This Corsair RGB Hub will give RGB and it can be addressable if you connect the Corsair RGB Hub to a Lightning Node Pro or a Commander Pro.  
  • Alright I will get a commander pro but can you tell me how it works exactly like how it powers itself, how it powers the fans, how the fans get rgb, how the speed is controlled? That’s my first question my second question is if instead of plugging one of the Case fans into the motherboard fan headers, could I just plug it into commander pro and how does all this stuff work?
  • @Prathik

    The Commander Pro will connect to your motherboard through a USB 2.0 Header.  The Commander Pro is also powered by SATA, and will power all the Fans and RGB.  Since it is connected to your USB 2.0, if you open up your iCUE, you can control fan speeds and colors through that software.  I recommend plugging ALL fans into your Commander Pro.  
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