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Getting rid of hardware

Hi, forgive me if this is not the correct forum, but I am what the young folks called technologically-ignorant.  I just started a new office job and the company has an entire garage full of technology that they're hoping to get rid of.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to go about this?  IP phones, laptops, modems, monitors, keyboards, mouses/mice?, and a few things we don't even know what they do.  It's almost all used, and some of it does not work.  I would greatly appreciate any advice.  Thank you.


  • Hello @HeatherUCS! Welcome to the Community. 

    While Micro Center can accept recycling, we don't do large quantities and instead take old electronics in if somebody purchases new ones. You should be able to find recycling locations if you look at your state's EPA website. 
  • i would like to see some of the laptops and desktops.. can u message me back?
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    You may be able to put them up for sale for perhaps a few hundred bucks (depending on how much stuff there is and what they are). To make it easy, I'd throw them all together into one listing and, if you're lucky, you get an interested buyer who's willing to take the whole lot off your hands (you'd be surprised how many people are interested in that and hunt for gems that may be hiding or just refurb the working ones and sell them).
  • Hello @HeatherUCS just chiming in late, sorry. But another thought would be to put the products on ebay for sale. You may also contact your local Pawn Shop to see if they will compensate for the technology. You can just google Pawn Shops Near Me or Pawn Shops in (put in your city and state) and a list of Shops will come up.
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