Hi from Denver — Micro Center

Hi from Denver

I've been shopping at Microcenter since I bought a 340 megabyte IDE hard drive for a dollar per megabyte at the Fairfax store and it was a great deal at the time! Never mind how long ago that was. And last month at the Denver store I got an M.2 drive that writes more than 10x that amount per second! And its price per megabyte is too small to calculate. It's just crazy how far technology has come.
Never in all those years had a bad experience at MC - everyone has always been awesome.


  • IanIan admin
    Hello and welcome to the Micro Center Community! m.2 drives and SSDs in general are just so amazing for everything, have to agree there! 
  • Paul_2Paul_2
    edited January 29
    The other comparison I like are the Micro SD the size of your pinky fingernail.  A 64Gb holds the same as 50,000+ of those 1.2MB 5.25" floppies (even more of the 8" floppies but they were before my time), and costs less then $20.
    I also still have my 420MB IDE in a shoe box somewhere.  I have all my drives from the IDE era on-wards (Floppies and CDs too), but the pre-IDE were just too large to hang on to.

  • Glad to hear of your experience @magarity!
    @Paul_2 That's quite an impressive collection of data! Even more impressive is the difference in data size as you mentioned. I can remember having to install different floppy disks depending on the part of the program that I wanted to use. Old memories, but good ones!
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