my cpu came broken

my cpu came out of box and 5 pins were broken can i still replace/return it


  • Ian
    Ayo said:
    my cpu came out of box and 5 pins were broken can i still replace/return it
    Hello, from what I see here, it looks like we were able to assist you with this via our texting service.
  • Kirito2065
    So I bought a cpu back in February and I finally got a gpu so I could finish my build I was starting to build my computer I pull out the cpu that I have not touched since I bought it and it has a broken pin and like bent pins on the corners. I am furious because I could have had my setup ready for school but then this happens and I drive two hours to microcenter to see if I can get it replaced and when I get there they deny me help. I understand the return policy but I bought it defective and y’all won’t even help me ??? Apparently this is like a big thing with these Ryzen cpus so the manager in the store told me to contact amd and I did, I have had no response for 15 days so now idk what to do I would really appreciate it if I could get some help I mean I work at a store we usually proccess returns even after so please can I get some help 
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