Returning Previous bought GPU!

Last year I've bought an RTX 2070 Gpu for my PC build, I have also bought a 2yr protection plan for it and it is still active. I was wondering since I've bought a protection plan for the gpu if I'm able to take it back and to replace it with a different gpu product or upgraded gpu and pay the difference ... Or does there need to be something wrong with the product inorder for me to return it for a replacement?


  • JS_MC

    Hello @JAS20 Welcome to the community and great question.

    In short, the protection plan covers the failure of the device, should there be a defect or issue with the GPU. The protection plan does not act as an extension to the return period.

    For more information about the protection plans please see our protection plan page: here.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions! I'm happy to help.

  • LandShark i bought a $470 monitor on March 18th,2021 with the 2 year replacement plan because it was told by the sales associate that I could bring the monitor back at anytime in those 2 years for full credit to upgrade or change monitor for the equal amount. are you specifying that is false? Houston,TX store.

  • TSPhillipT

    Hello @MichaelJohnson33

    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community!

    The correct statement for this is if there is anything wrong with your monitor that would be covered by the 2 Year Replacement Plan, then you can bring it back and we would issue out credit equal to the amount spent on the monitor which you can use to get a replacement or upgrade.

    The monitor does need to have something wrong, like the monitor flickers, or will randomly power off. This plan is not a way to upgrade your monitor if nothing is wrong with it.

    For specifics on your Replacement Plan, I recommend checking out this page about the Replacement Protection Plans

  • JAS20
    @TSPhillipT @LandShark ... Thank you for your responses, it cleared up some confusional understandings! 
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    I think the confusional understanding is really incurred by the microcenter sales associate who sold you a protection plan as a path to upgrades.

    I got EXACTLY the same treatment. That is fraud.

    I got the pitch at checkout and figured "sure why not". Then I got home, and with more thought realized that no business model could operate that way. I read the terms and found I spent $600 on a two year warranty from Microcenter that the manufacturer (2x EVGA GPU) had already built in to their product for 3 years. Caveat emptor.

    Would like to hear of others who have had similar experiences on check out.

  • TSKyleH

    I am sorry to hear about your experience, the benefit of our plan is the ability to come to micro center for credit instead of waiting on the shipping with the manufacture. Many parts manufactures have a longer than a year term like hard drives and monitors.

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    I get it, I do. But when sales associates mischaracterize the plan as an "upgrade path" with a wink and a nudge in a 30 second sales pitch on checkout rather than the intended use you state backed by a page or two of legalese, there is something fundamentally wrong.

    Apparently I wasn't the only one to get this hard sell from this thread, and a google search. Would like to hear of others who have had similar experiences on check out.

  • CamCamYT
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    I too was told I could pay the difference for the card I wanted to upgrade to. I paid over $150 extra on top of my purchase which was 4 figure.  And I certainly wasn’t paying for another replacement program that the manufacturer already offered for free. I expect a response that is satisfactory. 
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