Micro Center Credit Card


I applied and got the Micro Center credit card. After trying to add it to my account I get the message

"Currently, your Micro Center Insider credit card cannot be used for online purchases."

I live a couple of hundred miles from your store, so its pretty much unusable. Whats the point of a getting your store card if you can not use it online?


  • TSTDavey
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    Hello @djmixman and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Here's a link below regarding the Microcenter credit card which is on our website. The card is only available for shopping in the store, unfortunately.

    There are numerous reasons to use the Microcenter card. It has purchasing perks such as 36 months Zero (0) interest or dollar amounts off a purchase if the Microcenter Credit Card is used (in-store only).

    We're sorry the card is not available for online shopping.

    If you have a non-microcenter credit card for example a Visa or MasterCard, that can be used for Microcenter online shopping.


  • TMB
    Attempting to complete an online purchase with multiple cards with no success other than a cannot verify address.

    Then applied for store card and was approved and then found our it is for in-store purchases only.

    What a serious mess as I live in Washington State. 
  • TMB
    And I tried for hours using the "help" suggestion s on the Forum posts.

    No go!
  • TMB
    Does MicroCenter need an outside business consultant? Who knows?
  • TS_JosephF

    I responded to your comment on another thread about this but since you are placing a delivery order, we can place the order over the phone if you call our online team tomorrow (Monday).

  • It would be extremely nice If I could use my Microcenter card for online purchases! It would be nice if I could reserve products online using my Microcenter card! Can this be fixed? It seems like a lot of people would appreciate it.

  • CO_Ken
    @TSTDavey It seems like you're purposefully dodging the obvious.  This is not online shopping.  This is someone trying to go pick something up IN THE STORE, where they are required to show they have their card.  Either Microcenter doesn't trust its employees enough to verify the identity of the cardholder or it's too high-level for management to figure out.

    I've never seen a retailer actually insist that a customer not use their signature card, simply because they didn't pick the item off the shelf themselves.  It's truly bizarre. Talk about driving your customers,  unnecessarily, to your competition.
  • MrSwift
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    If I can't use it for online purchases what good is it since the nearest micro center is 52 miles away one way. When I applied for the card I had no idea it can't be used by disabled people who can't travel very far distances. I'd like you to fix this for the disabled, please.

  • bodegabandit
    I tried to apply for the card and the Wells Fargo website kept saying it failed verifying me I was in the store trying to get help and NO ONE wanted to help me. Even the “manager” gave me a bs answer to basically shoo me away. Crazy. 
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