Why are gpu prices higher than after tariff prices?

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So a red devil 6900 xt was purchased in February for 1499 and that was after the tariffs were in effect. That same card is now 1820. How did it go up 320? Also the 6900 xt ultimate I recently bought is 200 higher than Newegg. What gives with these slightly higher than msrp?


  • bustatwo

    People will pay it so they charge it. At least they aren't trying to get $3k like some places.

  • You know, with all due respect, I never thought Microcenter would stoop to the level of charging the same shocking prices for GPU’s as scalpers are doing on eBay.  You of all people should know vendors & manufacturers frown upon this behavior by their partner merchants/retailers.  It can’t be good for your reputation.  The list of go-to Nvidia/AMD retailers has shrunk over the last few years and I’m serious contemplating working with my distributor relationships to build my own startup brick and mortar store to compete with companies that stoop to this level.  I realize the semi-conductor shortage and GPU market is facing challenges with bit-miners, scalpers, and supply issues but I’m sure companies like Asus, MSI, PNY, EVGA and GigaByte aren’t kosher with reputable retailers ripping customers off with prices twice the cost of MSRP...
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    Hello @ImACalculusNerd and @nyichiban

    We certainly value any and all feedback from our customers. I will forward your message to our management staff regarding the prices for GPUs.

    I would like to mention that we do offer price protection, price matching, and even post-sale price matching.

    So if you found another GPU in stock elsewhere listed for less, then you can always request a price match here or with a manager in -store. If you happened to purchase an GPU from us and either we lowered the price on it or another retailer has a lower price with it in stock, we can always look into providing a refund for the difference in price (within 30 days of purchase).

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