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  • Joshua_G

    Yeah. Only problem is that even when you show proof of a second household you still get screwed over. I was treated so rudely and shown such disrespect by the employees, specifically the front manager at the New Jersey store today that I have filed a complaint with Corporate and I am currently looking into legal options. and instead of letting me fix the problem within the 20 minute timeline, I was shown the door and my graphics card was sold to someone else immediately after the manager told me it was my problem. So good job micro center. Until this is rectified you have lost another customer. And I will be spreading this information whenever and wherever I can. Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated. I truly hope the company cleans up this mess. Because if not and they try and sweep this under the rug, then I will continue building a case against the company and air out every customer grievance and every bit of dirty laundry. Start.. Day 1.

  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    Greetings, I do apologize for the issues at the store. Looking into this, I did see you were in touch with our contact center yesterday and they have passed your information to our Customer Relations team for further assistance on this with you.

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