Price Protection?


Hello, I purchased a PowerSpec G438 3 days ago. It was priced at $1,999 in my browser at home, but when I got to the store it showed up as $2,199. I didn't have a screenshot, and when I went to the link on my phone it showed up as $2,199 so I thought I may have been mistaken, and didn't think much else of it. (Maybe it was accidentally posted at discounted price a few days too soon and then reverted, who knows.)

Anyhow, when I was looking for something else this morning, I noticed it is showing up as $1,999 again, and I grabbed a screenshot this time, just in case. :)

I paid cash but am hoping I can get the $200 difference refunded. I mean... it's just going back to MicroCenter anyhow... but yeah.


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