Is the CPU + Motherboard discount still available for ANY combo of our choosing?


I noticed a few days ago, the website no longer lists the usual $20 off cpu + mobo discount or the generous $50 off for Intel 9700k + mobo discount.

It only lists a cpu + mobo discount for specific, preset combos under the combo category

Is this combo still available for any cpu + mobo we can pick, or is it now limited to the selection in the above combo category?

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  • TSTDavey

    Hello @jameyvee and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Yes the bundle discount is still available. Type 'intel 9700k bundle" into the search on the Microcenter website and the 9700K bundles will appear.

  • jameyvee
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    edited September 2021

    Thanks for the reply.

    What I mean is, can we choose our own bundle combo and still get the discount for combinations not listed in the bundles section?

    Like we could before: go in store, select the cpu and select any motherboard, that is not in the pre-selected bundle combo page and still get the $20 (or $50 off) discount?

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