G436 Bios update for Windows 11?


I see that my g436 has TPM 2.0 available, but does powerspec have any bios updates on the horizon for the z490 in our pc? I'm not 100% sure if it'll require one, but I assume as bugs present themselves in the new windows rollout, that Mobo manufacturers will have to issue updates to their products. Was just wondering if we are going to be forgotten or not I guess.


  • TSTDavey

    Hello @OhGodIThinkIBrokeIT and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. As you maybe aware in the computing world hardware/software is honestly managed by trial and error to ensure it finally works. With any new Microsoft OS release there will be bugs and if there are issues with G436 with WIN11 that requires a BIOS update, we should have an update to accommodate those issues if a BIOS update is deemed necessary.

  • PowerSpec_MichaelB

    This is a great question. All of our PowerSpec systems for the past couple of years have been W11 ready as far as BIOS settings are concerned (TPM 2.0 enabled, CSM Compatibility disabled, etc). The big thing is making sure the CPU itself is on the support list, which the G436's Core i7-10700K more than meets.

    A lot of the board partners are releasing new BIOS updates to change their settings to match ours, but if you already have one of our PowerSpec BIOS's installed, you don't have to worry, you're already compliant. If you've already installed a custom BIOS but would like to enable TPM 2.0/disable CSM compatibility mode and don't want to go through the hassle of flashing yet another BIOS, MSI wrote a really nice guide for their BIOS here: https://www.msi.com/blog/How-to-Enable-TPM-on-MSI-Motherboards-Featuring-TPM-2-0

    Again, to reiterate, this is NOT necessary for ANY shipping PowerSpec BIOS's that have been out for the past 2 years, only for those that may have adjusted their settings or sourced a third party BIOS for their board.

  • Thanks for your answers, both of you. I was just concerned that there will be update support should the need arise. I have bought many items with proprietary parts that end up becoming e-waste due to lack of after sales support from the manufacturing partner.

    The z490 in the g436 performs well enough for what I use it for, and the 10700k meets my needs so i plan on holding on to this combination at least until the 12th gen comes to its end of cycle and we see what the 14th gen has to offer.

  • Ian

    Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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