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  • I agree with this thread. This is nuts. I have bought tens of thousands of dollars worth of goods from Microcenter over the years. No more. So I have an order reserved for pickup. Order #13717655

    Please cancel it. I live an hour away and don't have 2 hours to burn. I just wanted to have it shipped instead but no dice apparently. Would gladly pay for the shipping but my business is obviously not wanted.

    Please cancel my order or I guess it can just die on the vine. You have lost a customer for good.

  • Ian

    Greetings, I see this store pickup order has been cancelled.

    For some additional information, we do not ship store pickup orders out of our store locations. We do offer shipping on some items via our website.

    To check this, at the top of our website, if you select "Shippable Items" under "My Store", you can arrange shipping if the item is in stock. If it says "in-store only" on the product page, it cannot be shipped and is only available for store pickup.

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