New Atari themed retro arcade graphics are now available

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We have a series of new Atari themed graphics for our retro arcade cabinets that are available now. These graphics are fully licensed form Atari and feature logos from classic games like Asteroids, Millipede, and Breakout.

These high quality vinyl graphics are available for the Bartop, ¾, and Full size cabinets, Fight Stick and Fight Stick with trackball, and Bartop and Fight Stick stands. No matter which size you choose we offer Atari themed graphics to match.

All our cabinets use the same internals. We carry high quality arcade buttons and joysticks in a number of colors and switches with several options for actuation weight. We also carry T molding in several colors to give a finished look to your build. We offer LED illuminated buttons and RGB illuminated T molding if you want to add a bit of light to your build. All our arcade cabinets and fight sticks use the same XinMo USB controller. A version of the controller with support for LED illuminated buttons is also available.


Our all-in-one cabinets are designed to use a Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ for emulation of classic arcade games and home consoles. Our Fight Sticks are available as a USB controller that can be connected to a PC, Raspberry Pi, or other system, or with a Raspberry Pi built in so you just need to connect power and a screen.


In addition to preassembled Fight Sticks, we also offer complete arcade cabinet kits. These kits include the cabinet, graphics, screen, and internals. If you’d like to build your own cabinet from scratch, check out our Retro Arcade Builder for help picking parts.


  • NickBiederman
    edited November 2020

    Here’s a rundown of the 8 options we currently for Retro Gaming systems have:

    Dual Fight Sticks

    Fight Sticks do not include a screen. We offer a Fight Stick Stand if you want a stand- up gaming experience. Like our all-in-one cabinets, these Fight Sticks feature controls for 2 players. These are available preassembled or as a bare cabinet you can add your own buttons, joysticks, and other components to. 

    Fight Stick USB

    This is our most basic controller. It can be connected to a PC, Raspberry Pi, or other system and is great for users who already have an emulation setup but are still looking for the classic arcade feel.

    Fight Stick with Trackball USB

    This controller is a bit of an upgrade from the non- trackball version above. It includes a trackball for games like Crystal Castles. It’s slightly larger than the non- trackball version, and can be connected to a PC, Raspberry Pi, or other system.

    Ultimate Fight Stick

    This model is aesthetically identical to the USB Fight Stick, but contains a Raspberry Pi and our Atari Games Card with over 140 licensed Atari games. You just need to connect a screen and power to complete this setup.

    Ultimate Fight Stick with Trackball

    This model is aesthetically identical to the USB Fight Stick with Trackball, but contains a Raspberry Pi and our Atari Games Card with over 140 licensed Atari games. You just need to connect a screen and power to complete this setup.

    All-In-One Cabinets

    These cabinets all contain a screen, Raspberry Pi 3 model B+, and our Atari Games SD Card preloaded with over 140 licensed Atari games. They're great for retro gamers looking for a dedicated system with a classic arcade feel. All sizes are available as an all-in-one kit or as a bare cabinet you can customize with your own selection of buttons, joysticks, and other parts. 


    This is our smallest cabinet. It features a 21” screen and can be set on a counter or table. If you’re looking for a small, all-in-one standup gaming experience you can pair this with our Bartop stand.

    3/4 Size

    For many people this is the “goldilocks” cabinet. It’s a stand up cabinet with a 27” screen. It’s a great option for people looking for something that’s a little larger than the Bartop but don’t have space for a full size.

    Full Size

    This is our largest cabinet. It’s ideal for 2 player games as the larger control panel gives each player more room. It’s also the only all-in-one cabinet compatible with a trackball control panel. This lets you add a trackball for classic arcade games like Crystal Castles. It features our largest screen at 32".

    Atari Pi Kit

    This is our lowest priced retro gaming system. It comes with a Raspberry Pi 3 model B+, Atari games SD card preloaded with over 140 licensed Atari games, a USB gamepad, Atari themes Raspberry Pi case, and all the cables needed to power the kit and connect it to a monitor. It’s perfect for casual gamers who don’t want to dedicate the space to a cabinet or fight stick but still want a good introduction to retro gaming emulation.

  • Magneto

    I purchased the All In One full size cabinet. Got the cabinet put together and noticed there were no Graphics at all. The description shows graphic vinyl that is adhered to the panels and to the clear plexiglass. What are my options? Also, I purchased tree standalone unit for the track ball, can all the controls switches trackball etc. be moved over to the full size trackball panel? It seems the 3 inch trackball on. The ps3, Rasberry pi version are decent quality and close to the cost of just a trackball alone.

  • Ian

    Hello, I'll be sending you an email to collect more information from you so we can look into this.

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