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  • Still completely busted in January 2022, and suggestions don't work as far as I can tell. I have a greater Seattle area address with 4 digit house number, 3 digit street with "th" after that, then Ave NE. When I enter it like my credit card has it and force it to use that, I'm told the billing address can't be verified. When I accept the verified address suggested, it says the billing address can't be verified. When I spell out the 3 digit street number including "th" at the end, it immediately says I entered an invalid address (too long maybe?). I've also tried various combinations of "Avenue" and "Northeast" and different capitalizations.

    I'm pretty baffled why anyone would think that requiring an address to match perfectly with some arbitrary garbled version of my address that even the system itself clearly doesn't know would increase security or decrease fraud. Frankly at this point only the fraudsters will have the patience to figure this out. All the normal customers will just give up.

    If it didn't empty my cart every 5 tries or so, I might keep trying a while longer, but as fun as this guessing game isn't, I think I'm done trying. I just can't be sure that the stuff will actually get shipped to me if the system is this broken.

  • Ian

    Greetings, I am sorry to hear you are having issues placing an order. You can call in to 614-850-3675 option 3 for Micro Center Online, they can assist with orders over the phone.

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