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  • MDK

    Hi everyone,

    I needed to cancel an online order today. We ordered 25 PC's and 33 monitors, Microcenter had to reduce the numbers to 5 each. We needed to then cancel the order. As directed on the site we contacted support via Chat to cancel the order. The order number is 14629279. This happened at 9 AM California time. We have not received any emails from Microcenter about this cancelation. Within the Microcenter systems the order still shows as normal order / shipment. So from what we an see nothing has happened at all with respect to our order in Even the FedEx numbers we were sent still show in the FedEx system.

    Can't contact via chat as they only work to about 1:45 pm my time.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    It looks like the order shipped on 5/5 and a pull request was placed after it shipped via chat on 5/6. We are not always able to prevent FedEx from continuing the shipping process after it is initally shipped. If we are unable to get it pulled, you're able to you can refuse the delivery and have it sent back to us. If not, let our Online Sales team know and we'll work with you on getting it returned. 

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