No Phone call after a week since I brought my store built pc for repairs.


I brought my pc into micro-center at 550 E Lancaster Ave Ste C St Davids, PA 19087 on may 7, 2022. I bought a 3 yr warranty with the computer micro-center built for me 5 months ago and now started having blue-screens while gaming and having to do hard restarts via power button on case. I explained to a black male(don't know his name, had corn rows) at the front counter of repair and knowledge area about my situation about how I had already swapped my 3070ti for a 1060 both evga brand gpus to see if that was the problem but it still kept doing it. I also told him I ran memtest from the motherboard bios as I had a z690 asus board that allowed me to run the test from the bios in which it passed with both ram sticks still on the board. I proceeded to also state there was flickering on my asus aio oled screen when the bluescreens started to happen, I also explain I did a fresh re-install of windows 11 pro to try to see if that would fix the problem which again did not.

So Im left with assuming its one of the three mobo,psu, and cpu, as I have a 3 year warranty of all parts excluding the gpu since I bought those seperately and they both work fine as I am literally having to game on my i5 6600 with a 3070ti -.- at home until I can get my computer repaired. Personally I don't enjoy making post like this considering I understand retail work is a pain and covid etc not helping the situation, But after a week of waiting I have no gotten a call from the tech that is supposedly working on my pc named Liam O.

I can give the repair order Number via pm's since I would prefer it.


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    To add the situation I just got a text stating it was a issue with the video card when I literally just stated BOTH cards work on a i5 6600 6th gen computer with all high settings and the 1060 was used for 5 years and still worked before I sent it to get the computer repaired all I am seeing here is that the tech is trying to bypass the warranty by trying to upsell me on a gpu. This is starting to infuriate me, a blue screen through event viewer logs explains things if the gpu was a problem then the 3070ti I have at home that gave me the same exact problem on that build pc by "microcenter" would've did the same thing with the i5 6600 I am currently using which I have not gotten a blue screen AT ALL.

    So something shady is going on did the tech swap the cards out with a 3000 series card, did the tech use the same mobo with another gpu did he swap the 1060 card onto the new mobo to recreated the problem?, I feel this is lack of actual trouble shooting that I could've done myself if it wasn't for the fact I don't have time to do it.

    The first thing I did when I got these bsod was to trouble shoot the gpu and I did by swapping a older card with the newer one on that z690 mobo, I then proceeded to swap them back to the i5 6600 as a trouble shooting measure with the same settings on game I play and I did not recreated the problem. So if the gpu wont do it on one mobo but another one than I can only make a logical assumption that it has to be the cpu, mobo, psu since the memtest stated the ram was working correctly.

    Please have a tech call me as I am trying to text liam to further try to understand what type of procedure liam took to verify it was a gpu problem.

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    Hello, I will send you an email regarding this to get you in contact with the store directly.

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