Why don't you have a store in Pittsburgh?!

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For the past four years, I've left countless messages on LinkedIn and in what I thought were the correct forums here, but apparently I'm not important enough to merit a reply. And of course there is NO link to send feedback or otherwise contact MicroCenter because big greedy corporations don't want their "consumers"--no longer called their "customers"--to contact them directly.

Why don't you people have a store in Pittsburgh? It's the #3 tech capital in the U.S. and the a medical-research hot spot, too. It's home to Carnegie Mellon and other fabulous schools. The nearest store to us is in Mayfield, OH... two hours away! You don't like shipping items, so as a result, I have made only one (large) purchase as I was passing through Mayfield on the way home from vacation in 2018. It was a pleasant experience, but I'm not driving that far when I have Newegg and Amazon at my fingertips. I would much prefer to support my local MicroCenter, but I suppose that will never happen. It makes absolutely zero business sense not to have a Pittsburgh location.

Does anyone there give enough to get my message to someone important?


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