How am I suppoed to talk to someone from support?


You don't have a phone number.

I can't get an answer from the SMS number.

The "Chat now" over the internet button just does not work on any of the 3 browsers on two devices i've tried.

The email support requires me to put in a product number, which I can't do for my particular question.

So instead I have to make a ranty forum post. What a joke, where do you clowns get off?


  • Shoan041
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    Typically customers get support from the technician assigned to their repair order when you drop your computer off at the service department in one of our stores. If you're looking for help getting a product from our store, generally a sales associate at the location can help you with getting your item in store. If you're looking for support for an item you purchased, I would recommend contacting the manufacturer of the item to help answer specific questions about it. The Chat now function goes to the call center if I'm not mistaken and they try to get you to one of those 3 options.

  • TSKevinG

    Good afternoon @terribleUX

    I Do apologize you are having issues getting in touch with our support consultants. if you wanted to reach them over the phone to speak with them on this you can reach out technical consultants at 800-207-3434. Would you be able to give a few details here as to the issue you are having?

  • Yeah, my problem is that your website says an item is in stock. But when I add it to my cart, it says it can't be added.

    I just need to know if it's worth my time to take the 2hlur round trip. 

    A simple phone call to the store could clear that up.
  • Ian
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    edited December 2022

    Can you post a screenshot of the message you get when you try to place an order?

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