Thinking of building this


I don't game. This would be more for amateur radio, general computing.

CPU i9 12900k

MB Asus Z690 G-ROG

32Gb memory DDR-5600

Corsair 4000D case

Corsair RM750X PS

ASUS NVIDIA RTX 3050 graphics card

Samsun 980 NVMe 1 Tb SSD

there was only one fan listed for cooling

Any thoughts? Overkill? Parts not compatible?


  • magarity
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    I think the 12900k is a "no heatsink included" CPU, so you'd need a cooler for it.

    I would suggest that the 12700 or 12600 will last just as many years for general computing as the 12900 but cost a lot less. The 12600 is the first level CPU that includes the new "efficiency cores" so it is an excellent choice, is quite powerful, will last many years for general computing but is not overkill. For all three of these, there is no cooler included. Something like a bequiet Dark Rodk 4 would be a good air cooler for all 3 choices.

    Cases come with a starter fan or two but they seem to expect people want to pick their own to add more. There's a variety of options from lights or no. More fans mean they can be run at slower speed and make less noise. You can always add more later if the one(s) it comes with are not enough.

  • w8deywins
    Hello AJ,

    I think you’re in the right direction with Team Blue by going with a 12th generation Processor for a Productivity Build. But I think you could save some money and allocate it elsewhere in the build like a CPU Cooler and more storage instead of the i9. The sweet spots are the i7’s, 12700k.  I love that Corsair case, but you currently have a Micro-ATX motherboard selected and this would have some dead space in the case. If you prefer that motherboard, you could go with a smaller mid-tower and save on desk space, such as the Lian-Li Lancool 205m Mesh. This case comes with 2 fans and would need another one for the exhaust or go with an 240mm All-In-One Liquid Cooler. It would provide 2 exhaust fans and cool your Processor, a win-win situation! Otherwise everything is compatible and will look slick! 

    Here’s a potential new build list:

    i7 12700k 
    z690-G ROG mATX
    32GB DDR5-5600 mhz
    Lian Li 205m Mesh
    Nzxt x53 AIO Liquid Cooler(240mm CLC)
    DeepCool ak400 Air Cooler(will fit in 205m Mesh case)
    -if you go with Air cooler, grab a 120mm exhaust case fan. 
    980 Pro 1 or 2tb NVMe M.2 SSD
    Corsair rm750x 
    Nvidia RTX 3050 
    Windows 11 Home(works amazing with 12th gen CPUs)

    Dont be afraid to ask the BYO associates with any questions you have for you build! We’re here to help!  

  • AJ9C

    Thanks for the suggestions. A couple of tweaks to the build were made and the computer "screams'!

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