First PC - Pink and White Gaming, Streaming, and ART Build

edited February 2023 in Help Choosing Parts

I’m looking to build my own PC for Gaming, Art and Streaming. I would use programs like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Unreal, Unity and probably a video editor of some sort. I would like the PC to be capable of Streaming and Gaming at the same time with minimal loss of performance. I would be playing games like Fromsoft Titles, Minecraft, Skyrim, Apex, SWTOR, And WoW. 

I live near a Microcenter, although it’s like 1.5 hours away from me. I would like to buy and build it a Microcenter instead of ordering everything online. I’m wary of ordering computer parts online and it seems much easier to be able to return to a store and get it checked out if there are problems.  I don’t know how to put one together so I would also prefer Microcenter to just build it. I would also like it to be future-proof and have at least 1TB of memory. 

I found the PowerSpec G441 Gaming Pc on the Microcenter website and I like the look of that. I’ve heard it’s solid. I just wish it was more white and less black inside the case. I also found the PowerSpec G470 and I think that one is more powerful?  I like the look of both of them but I really wish it was all white and light pink. Or light purple or light blue. I’m going for a Cherry Blossom or Sailor Moon theme. 

I did find a recent Sailor Moon Inspired build on YouTube but I’m not sure how much it can handle.  Sailor Moon Inspired Ryzen 5700X & RTX 3070 Gaming PC. I also found this but I’m not sure how current it is or how much it can handle.  Celeste's Pink + White Gaming PC Sakura Build. With both of these I’m also not sure if I can get all the parts at Microcenter. 

Money isn’t really an issue ( I’m using part of my inheritance) but I would really like to stay below 3K. I have to include headphones, a mouse and a keyboard (also pink) - I’m looking at the kracken quartz collection but I don’t know what type of mechanical keyboard I would like. I would probably include an Elgato Stream deck in this price and a capture card.  I also need Dual monitors, preferably white. I find Dual monitors is absolutely necessary when dealing with Maya. I found the AOC CQ-G3SE which seem really good but alas it’s only in black. 

Since this is probably going to be the only time for a long while I’ll be able to build a PC and my first time, I want to make it extra special.  Do you guys have any recommendations? I’m brand new to computers and don’t know anything about all the different parts. Many Thanks!


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