Out of Stock Parts and Custom PC Builds



I haven't been able to find anywhere on the site where out of stock items are handled if you're wanting to use one in a custom pc build. The only article I found referenced to continue to check the webpage, however most of these items also say in store only. This presents me with a challenge since the distance to the nearest Microcenter isn't just down the street.

My question is if I come into the store with a spec sheet of items that is carried am I able to reserve them for the build? It would be nice to make 1 trip to pay, then 1 trip to pick up the completed build.

The two items in question are the case and processor currently. A link to the list I started is here: http://m.icro.co/JczHNr1U



  • Ian


    We would not have an ordering system for out of stock items like this available.

  • Higgo

    Be careful. They will sell things out from under your reservation and then cancel your order. It has happened twice to me this weekend on separate days.

    Of course, There isn't anything they can do to resolve the situation at that point but it does leave a bad taste in your mouth. If you have to travel any distance to pick up your order it is doubly so.

  • Higgo

    Date: 8:23 AM on Feb 12 2023 Order Number: 16156267

    AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX Pulse Overclocked Triple Fan 24GB GDDR6 PCIe 4.0 Graphics Card

    1 of (SKU) 533760 @ $1,149.99

    TOTAL: $1,149.99

    Notice I put this order in 2 and a half hours before the store opened. I never received anything but a cancellation email from Micro Center.

    Why have online ordering at all? If Microcenter is not going to honor it.

  • HyperYoda

    That sucks. That's something that would definitely would upset me because it's a pretty far drive. It looks like I'll have to just get the parts from online retailers and put it together myself. I've done it many times before, but my current setup I was lazy so I had MC put it together with the parts. It was painless to have MC do it, so I wanted to go that route again. I used to really like MC, but it seems now every time I speak with someone I get the 'unless your got money and are buying in stock we don't have time for you'. It didn't used to be that way. I mean I'm trying to spend ~$6000 with them in parts, labor, and extended warranties... you'd think I was asking about a pack of gum. Even, "hey we are out of that item, have you thought about XYZ instead?" would be acceptable.

  • Higgo

    Well, I wouldn't put any stock into anything the website says. If they have it they have it, but don't count on a web order being there for you.

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