Is there any insight into upcoming availability of the Gigabyte B650E Aorus Master



  • Ian


    Any products we carry will appear on our website. Our Community forums are not at a specific Micro Center store, so we do not have an ETA on when we will restock this item. We recommend bookmarking the product page and keep an eye on the stock levels!

  • Madkatz

    Thanks Ian,

    I guess i meant generally available. Im guessing that Gigabyte may have underestimated demand when they slowed down in anticipation of a weaker market this year. They seem to be sold out at all retailers right now. Does anyone know or heard rumors of scheduled production runs by Gigabyte at the foundrys? My weak google skills have not uncovered any details or even mention of the shortage and my tin foil hat has me thinking that they want to limit inventory until they sell more of the X670 flavor.

  • Ian

    I'm sorry, that's not information we would have available at Micro Center. You can try checking with Gigabyte directly if they would have any information to share like this.

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