Change the Pickup Policy

I'd buy everything from MicroCenter, but the requirement that the person picking up the online purchase also provide payment and/or the card used to place the online order has caused our business to blacklist MicroCenter as a vendor.

Our accounting department and purchasing card is out of state, so the only way to purchase from MicroCenter is to have our accountant fly in to show the clerk the card that was already provided for the online purchase. Rather than pay for it online and have an employee pick it up with the confirmation info.

Can you make it possible for our business to pickup online orders? 

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  • TSKevinG

    Good afternoon @Brian33a

    Thank you for contacting micro center. For the in store reservation, when the order is placed online it does not charge the card at that time when it is placed. The reason the card has to be in store for the pickup is because they need the physical card to process the purchase in-store and we have to run the credit card through our system and can not manually enter it. The only option we would have to be able to pay for an item online would be if the item was being shipped to you.

  • Brian33a
    So you do not intend to make it possible for our business to pickup online orders?

    Can I use the store's address as the ship to location and send one of our employees to pick it up same day?

    I love MicroCenter, but this refusal to embrace existing technology is baffling for a company that specializes in technology.
  • TSKevinG

    Good Afternoon @Brian33a

    I sent a email to you directly in regards to some options we may have for this.

  • andersen

    I am in an eerily similar situation with my workplace. I just got off an unhelpful phone call with the national desk that told me "Just order it for shipping". Would it be possible to also see these options? I am posting from my personal account because the site would not let me use my work VOIP number to make an account with my work email. It seems like MicroCenter really does not want to do business with other businesses.

  • TSKevinG

    Good afternoon @andersen

    I have sent an email directly to you with the same information as well.

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