GPU Underperforming help


Today I launched a game,, and for some weird reason I was running at 20FPS with a 6950 XT. Normally I would get around my monitors max display output (165FPS) but today I did not. I rebooted, no change. I then tried different games and saw it happened in all of them except 2. I reinstalled drivers, reseated the GPU, reset CMOS. Nothing. I was watching statistics and saw that in the games that were lagging, the util and power draw were very low figures. The power draw maybe max of 80W and max of 5% util. I made zero change to the drivers. I do have the latest drivers available for amd cards (23.9.1) but I got the update a few days ago and nothing like that happened. The games that for some reason were unaffected were Fortnite on DX12 only and beamng on Vulkan Only. All the other games run at like 35FPS on their lowest settings which should not be happening on a 6950 XT. Not sure what to do. Any help?


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