The Pulsar X2 V2 and X2H: High Quality, Understated Gaming Mice

edited December 2023 in Computer Hardware

Written by Sean Mekinda

Gaming peripherals have become synonymous with bright, vibrant colors and in-your-face aesthetics. Pulsar's X2 mice take that idea and go the opposite direction, opting for simple, subtle designs backed by high-quality components. Both the X2 V2 and X2H lines are slate black with minimal lighting - only a small charging light on the side. But underneath that unsuspecting exterior are mice that can go toe-to-toe with the best of the best.

Pulsar has been around since 2007 with the goal of creating high-tech, high-quality products at consumer-friendly prices. The Korean-based company has been working towards that goal ever since, developing gaming peripherals that constantly push for the best user experience possible. That ethos can be seen clearly in their X2 V2 and X2H lineup, with a heavy emphasis on substance over style (though both look stellar in their low-key, work-appropriate designs). So what makes them so incredible? Let's dig into it.

What makes the Pulsar X2 Great?

Before we dig into the X2 V2, we should briefly cover the Pulsar X2 V1 so we can really showcase why the V2 is such a big deal. The  V1 is being used by a number of esports players and is regarded as a fantastic mouse for esports. It is an elegantly designed mouse built for comfort whether you use a claw, palm, or fingertip grip. The X2 is incredibly lightweight and makes use of some of the best technology for esports gaming, like the PAW3395 sensor. If you're planning on crushing in modern FPS esports titles like Valorant, CS:GO, and Apex Legends, you can't go wrong with the X2. And the X2 V2 is even better.

What's New with the Pulsar X2 V2?

Fans of the original Pulsar X2 can breathe easy - the only changes made to the V2 are internal, so it's still the same mouse you know and love on the outside. Inside, however, it's had some major upgrades. Pulsar took everything they learned from the V1 and put it towards the V2, creating a mouse that's equal parts an old favorite and a fresh face. So, what are these new parts? Well...

Improved Clicking

Pulsar took a two-pronged approach to improving the feel of the X2's clicks. The mouse itself has a sturdier structure for smoother, more supported clicks. The big change, however, is the addition of optical switches. Instead of the traditional switches which use physical contacts to register clicks, optical switches use light-based detection. This light-based detection helps to reduce some common problems with traditional switches, such as double clicking. Instead of accidentally bouncing on a physical switch and double clicking (and potentially throwing a match at the last second), optical switches don't have the same bounce, making those accidental double clicks far rarer. Optical switches also use fewer mechanical parts, reducing the number of components that can wear out and break, extending the lifespan of your mouse!

Improved Scroll Wheel

The mouse clicks aren't the only thing that got a double overhaul. The scroll wheel also had two major changes: an improved encoder and updated mechanics. The mouse encoder - what actually registers the scrolling action - has been upgraded to the Pulsar Blue Encoder. This updated encoder, when combined with the updated mechanics, enables smoother scrolling with a wonderfully satisfying tactility. Its also incredibly quiet, with almost no noise whether you're quick swapping your weapons or just scrolling through the internet. Additionally, the built-in dust-proof mechanism helps to keep the scroll wheel up and running, preventing failure-causing dust build-up in the wheel.

Updated Sensor (And battery life!)

The incredible PixArt PAW3395 sensor makes a return, delivering on incredible feats like 26,000 DPI, 650 CPI, and 50G acceleration. However, it comes upgraded. The chip now includes the industry-leading Nordic MCU, increasing the efficiency and precision of the PAW3395. The biggest impact you'll see from this is in the battery. Not only is the battery readout now more accurate but the battery life itself has been extended as a result of this improved efficiency. And not by a small amount either - the X2 V2 has up to 100 hours of battery life, a whopping 30 hours more than its predecessor!

Updated Shell

While the design of the shell has not been changed from the V1 (the shape and layout is identical!), there have been some tweaks under the hood. Specifically, the shell has been optimized for improved rigidity, adding more support. However, rather than increasing weight, this optimization actually shaved 3g of weight off from the V1, dropping the V2 Size 2 to only 54g. To put it plainly, the V2 is lighter and stronger than its older sibling, making it more reliable and easier to move.

The Pulsar X2 V2 vs. The Pulsar X2H: What's the difference?

Mechanically, the Pulsar X2 V2 and X2H are identical. Both use the same sensor, switches, and encoder. The big difference is in the shape. The X2H features a larger hump in the middle with a narrower waist, offering more support for your palm and a more stable claw grip setup. As a result of the added hump, the X2H Size 1 and Size 2 both weigh one more gram (52g and 54g) than their X2 V2 counterparts (51g and 53g). So, if you really like the design of the X2 V2 but are just looking for a bit more height and weight, the X2H is here for you!

Is Size 1 or Size 2 Right For Me?

The choice between Size 1 and Size 2 is entirely personal, but we can help point you in the right direction. If you prefer smaller mice with a bit less weight, Size 1 is the option for you. For the X2 V2, the Size 2 is .17" longer, .10" wider, and .06" taller. That adds up to about two extra grams of weight, but can offer a substantial amount of comfort for folks with larger hands. The difference between Size 1 and 2 for the X2H is about comparable, with Size 2 being .15" longer, .10" wider, and .05" taller. If you're not sure which sounds better, stop by your local Micro Center and speak with an associate - they'll be happy to let you get a feel for the mice.

No matter your grip, playstyle, or use case, Pulsar has a mouse that will wow you. Both versions of the Pulsar X2 V2 and Pulsar X2H are now available at Micro Center, as well as a wide range of other Pulsar mice. And, if you're ready to upgrade your Pulsar, we also carry a slate of skates, mousepads, and grip tape to eke out even more performance from these already stellar mice!


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