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I was looking to update my wife's gaming rig to something more 4k friendly. She mainly plays a mix of AAA games and indie games ie Ffvii, XIV, the Yakuza series, some souls borne titles,  Palworld,  RE2, 4, Village, Biohazard. 

She currently has a game only 1440p setup. She doesn't stream or do video editing. As far as features she just wants a stable 4k experience that's worth spending money on.

Current build:
AMD Ryzen 7 5700x
Asrock Challenger Pro 6750xt 12gb
Corsair Vengance 32gb DDR4-3600 CL18 RAM
NZXT Z53 Elite
Asus TUF GT301 Nezuko Edition 
EVGA SuperNova 750GT 
NZXT AER RGB case fans

I was looking upgrade the gpu and the case (the H6 flow) so far since the current case won't fit a beefier gpu, but does anyone have any advice or input for smart upgrades?


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