Micro Center needed in Charleston, SC

As someone who has been around technology for 26 years, Charleston, SC is in desperate need of a Micro Center. Here are some great reasons that Micro Center should thoroughly investigate building a store in Charleston, SC:

Competition is very slim in Charleston (Best Buy is the only competition and it’s severely lacking).

Charleston has a big gamer presence and is desperately craving competitive prices with great selections.

Charleston is home to major manufacturers and employee thousands:

-Boeing Aerospace: Employees 7,000 people located in North Charleston.
-Volvo Car US Operations: Employees 3,300 people located in Ridgeville.
-Robert Bosch, LLC, Automotive Group: Employees 2,200 people located in Nothing Charleston.

Charleston, SC is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. As the population continues to grow, property value will not only continue rise, but will become harder to obtain.

The closest Micro Center to Charleston, SC is roughly 330 miles. This on average is a 4 hour trip, thus making a Charleston. SC location non-competitive to itself.

If i can do anything to help make this dream a reality, please feel free to reach out to me. 

Thank you.


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