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Apple Power Mac 6500/250 help needed

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Hello, I am trying to help a family member retrieve files off a dinosaur Apple Power Mac 6500/250.  There are no USB ports and the connection for my personal monitor doesn't fit on the Power Mac.  Is there somewhere I can go to borrow the needed cords for a few minutes to grab the needed files?  They are not comfortable leaving the tower somewhere for a hard drive backup due to the files on it.  Thanks in advance!


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    As old as this mac is, we don't have the right cable/adapter to hook up a newer monitor to it. It uses a DB-15 cable which has been out of use for a very long time now. Most or all retail stores will probably not have those cables anymore either, your best bet would be checking around online or checking if there are any local computer repair shops near you that might have the right ones. 

    Alternatively, If you're comfortable with doing something like this, you could pull out the internal drive and use an IDE to USB adapter to connect it to another system to access the files. Something like this:
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