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Warranty question on NZXT Kragen Z63

Hello Micro Center community,
I recently bought an NZXT Kragen Z63 over the week end at the Tustin branch for a new complete PC build, unfortunately during the install process I damaged the fins on the radiator unit. I opened a support ticket with NZXT mentioning the situation and explaining it was my fault. They said they'd issue an RMA and that I could either get a replacement through Micro Center, or have it replaced through them. A few days later, my support ticket was deleted, and any attempt to get a status update on the initial support ticket leads nowhere. I have 10 more days to return any parts to Micro Center should they be faulty (it is a 2k build), but I am unable to test the build without a CPU cooler... What are my options?


  • @ArcadeLabs
    Good morning and welcome to the Micro Center Community!
    I'm sorry to hear about the issues in installing your CPU Cooler. Setbacks on a new build is never fun! Within the next few minutes you should be receiving an email from me requesting receipt information on your order, and I will be happy to forward this to our Management Team at our Tustin Micro Center for review. 
  • Thanks for getting back to me, I just responded to your email. Thx for the help! 
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