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Ryzen doesn't boot

Hi, I'll be quick and to the point.
I've read tons of forums about "no post/boot/display", and I'm at my wits end.
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x
Mobo: Asus Prime B450M-A/CSM
RAM: G. Skill 16gb 2400 ddr4
Storage: Inland Premium 256g NVME M.2 2280
Everything powers on, no beep, no screen. I've read that if there is silence, it's either PSU, mobo, CPU, bad installation(respectively). I've built 3 PC's before, all Intel and never had any problems. First Ryzen build and I can't understand what to do. I'm torn, because "repairs" says $39, but the description doesn't cover my problem. Thanks for any help in advance!

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  • As the Ryzen lacks integrated graphics, I seem to lack fundamental knowledge of this CPU. I'm so embarassed to say, I didn't put in a graphics card. I shall try to remedy that later. 
  • kjoekjoe
    Anybody around that could give me a hand?  I have the same exact problem, but I do have a video card.
    x2 CORSAIR 16GB 2X8 D4 3200 C16 VL
    Radeon RX 580 Red Dragon Dual-Fan 8GB GDDR5 PCIe 3.0 Graphics Card
  • Hello @kjoe and thank you for contacting us in the Micro Center Community! To better assist have you tried multiple monitors, video cables, and is the SSD that you're using new or from an older system? 
  • Oh, that's a very common mistake, one that I still make myself every now and then when troubleshooting Ryzen CPU's. If the AMD processor has a G in the name, such as 2200G, 2400G, Athlon 240GE, etc, they have integrated graphics. Intel's normally have integrated graphics unless it has an F in the name, like Core i7 9700F, Core i9 9900KF, etc. Hopefully things go smoothly once you have a GPU connected. If not, let us know, we'll do what we can to help!
    This is a lifesaver too, going to save this comment!
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