Atari SD card for Raspberry PI 4


Is there any updates on when this will be available?

I love my Atari Ultimate Fight Stick but I would like to upgrade it.

thanks in advance



  • Rednroll
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    I read on these forums they're working on it. However, in the mean-time, I found a user made a 32 GB Atari ROM image for Pi4, they went through and did all the configs. Likely better then the image that may eventually come out from MC/Atari.

    He posted the download link for it on his FB page. Probably not allowed to post the link here and I haven't tried it since I'm still on the 3B+. I went on his FB page, did a search on Atari. Found the link to it on his Google Drive. Link was posted in the 3rd post down of search results of his FB page.

  • Llama

    Very cool, I was able to find the Google Drive link and get the image downloaded. Thanks! I tried doing a manual install of RetroPie on Buster (the included SD card has an old version of RetroPie on Stretch) and have not really been able to get it working the way I like. I was planning on switching to a Pi4 so this came in super handy.

    Of course the second I get this running, well maybe March 14, Raspbian or RetroPie will come out with something new and make me do this all over again.

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