G900 ran fine for over a year, now experiencing occasional crashes to BSOD/BIOS utility

edited April 2022 in General Discussion

Hello, I purchased a G900 February of 2021. Ryzen 9 5900X, GeForce RTX 3070, power source 750W. Everything still standard/stock components.

I went over a year without any crashes, now I have experienced two instances where I get BSOD, and then trapped in the BIOS Utility screen. Attempting to reboot from there just takes me back to the BIOS again and again, necessitating a forced power down and reboot. One crash was before updating to Windows 11, one crash was after.

I monitor my temperatures and everything stays well-controlled. Other than these two crashes, the only other issue I have is rarely (maybe once every few weeks) everything (either in a video game or listening to music) will get very slow and distorted sounding for a second or two than immediately go back to normal, with no apparent ill effects.

Has anyone experienced something like this? What does it sound like I am experiencing?


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