No Graphics Output Protocol

edited April 2022 in Graphics Cards

G436 owner here. Well, most of it at least. I have upgraded case, cpu cooler, psu, added another m.2 ssd, and gpu.

Everything worked fine for me until last week when my cpu cooler pump died. I ordered a replacement, installed it, and went into bios to set custom fan curves (i installed a liquid freezer II aio, which runs off the cpu fan header, not the pump header). Upon exiting to bios, other changes that I had not chosen popped up (refer to my first post here about this "custom z490" that has the worlds WONKIEST bios), so i reset bios to optimized defaults. Rebooted, changed RAM to XMP and i ran the pc as normal. Bench tested, played some games, everything worked great. Two days later, i turned on the PC from being completely off, and it starts up, shuts off , and then turns back on and I get the:

"There is no GOP (Graphics Output Protol) support detected in this card. 'BIOS CSM/UEFI Mode' settings in BIOS will be changed to disabled

Press F1 to run setup.

Press F2 to load default values and continue"

Is there some setting i need to change in BIOS? This is the current setup: * indicates it came with the G436

  • i7-10700k*
  • EVGA RTX 3080 ti ftw3 ultra gaming
  • Neo Forza 32gb (2x16)
  • WD m.2 ssd 1tb*
  • WD M.2 ssd SN750 2 tb
  • Seasonic FX-850
  • Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360
  • Lian Li O11 Dynamic


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