I bought a Stream Deck today...

Rye_Bread ✭✭✭✭
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I walked out of Micro Center today with a little blue box. Randomly decided that I wanted a soundboard so I grabbed a Stream Deck. Luckily, I happened to already own a license to Voicemod and—coincidentally enough—Elgato's software had built-in integration with it. Just today I've

  • Annoyed myself
  • Annoyed my friends
  • Rallied a squad of friendlies in Hell Let Loose
  • Annoyed a squad of friendlies in Hell Let Loose
  • Got kicked from a squad in Hell Let Loose

10/10 highly recommend.

Oh, and it also works great for quickly controlling streams!

What shenanigans have you all used your Stream Decks for?


  • JeromeMicroCenter

    Nice! I had been eyeing one at my store forever but never pulled the trigger. My wife and roommate ended up surprising me with one for Christmas! I have a different set of actions assigned to each horizontal row. My top row is my soundboard row, where I put all of my clips and audio effects. The 3 left buttons of the middle row are media control keys (Back, Next, Play/Pause) and the remainder of the middle row are misc functions (Spotify button, weather, etc.). The bottom row is mostly dedicated to monitoring; a button for CPU Temp, Clock, GPU Temp, Ram Speed, etc. I'm happy with it, but the limited space is definitely attracting me to the XL!

  • Lesaol
    Lesaol ✭✭
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    It seems like the stream deck is very useful! I have seen reviews and a lot of my friends and co-workers have one, so now I am tempted to mess around and try it out as well! I think the first thing I would do is put a bunch of funny audio effects on it 🤣

  • TSPhillipT

    I have two Stream Decks, one for work and one for home! I use the work one the most as it has a ton of preloaded Text macros that I do use for various things related to my work. The one at home is mainly used to mute the Mic, a counter for stream and other miscellaneous things.

    It's funny however, as me using it for work has convinced a solid 5-10 corworkers to purchase one for work as well! One of my favorite features is the Usermade Plug-In "Super Macro". This let's you do SO MUCH at the push of a button, though it has a bit of a learning curve.

  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    I've thought about getting a stream deck many times for work, but never went through with it. I see a few here and there in our office though.

  • Julia_V

    I feel like the Stream Deck would be useful for macros. Like if you go to a certain page a lot, or if you use a certain command a lot.

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