Need help optimizing this build

Hello! This is my first time looking into a custom built pc and using the microcenter builder. I think for the most part, the parts here are compatible but please let me know if I screwed up somewhere.

My biggest concern right now is cooling and power. Currently I still use an old Predator 17 laptop for gaming but when the CPU / GPU reaches 80 C/44 C it starts to struggle and sounds horrible. It can't stay cool for longer gaming sessions for the games I generally play. So you see I'm a bit paranoid on the cooling. Is the current set up sufficient for the current CPU/GPU or should I make some changes. I think the power should be ok now, after I swapped from a 6900 to a 6800 but let me know.

If there's any advice, any kind at all, please let me know! There is no hard budget on this one but I'm trying to keep it around the 3k mark with the assembly service. 

(I'm not buying Win 11 pro either, home edition is out of stock at my store, lol)


  • magarity
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    Your laptop needs one of these: Cooler Master NotePal X-Lite II Slim Laptop Cooling Pad - Micro Center

    Works great, I used one with my gaming laptop and it makes a big difference.

    As for your parts list, you selected a glass front case? Please switch that for a "mesh" type. If you really want that DVD drive then you'll need an entirely different case anyway since those 011's don't have 5.25 bays.

    If you primarily play games then you'll be happier with the 5800X3D. The 5950X is not a gaming CPU. The gaming profiles in Adrenaline/Ryzen Master all turn off one CCD with a 5950X. Because as fast as CCD <-> CCD communication is, it's faster and better when gaming to have all the threads on the same one. So, buy a 5950X only if your use case needs that many cores for something that isn't gaming.

    Do you already have an m.2 drive? You've selected a SATA SSD. Those have read/write speeds around 500-ish MB/sec. The m.2 4th gen do around 7,000-ish MB/sec. So yeah, big difference loading levels.

    I have a 6800XT myself and it does fine at 4K gaming, good choice.

  • Kaz_is_here
    edited August 2022
    Thanks a lot for the feed back, you won't believe how many times I ran over these builds just lost lol.

    The DVD drive is mostly a relic and not necessary, so I don't mind dropping it. I swapped in this meshify case as its the only one that seems to be in stock at my store (hope it stays there long enough).

    I can't reserve the 5800X3D using their custom builder but they shouldn't have a problem throwing it in if I buy it at the store right?

    I been worried about the temps so I originally dropped the m2 for the SATA SSD. Do you think the cooling would be sufficient for this set up for long gaming sessions? I saved a bit with the case and it has 3, 140s so I figure maybe I can throw the M.2 back in and 1 smaller SSD if I feel i need a little more space. What do you think on how it looks?

    (I still can't post links, sorry)

    Edit: Here's the new list. Was wondering if its worth using the AMD optimized ram, specifically the "Corsair DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB AMD Optimized 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4-3200 PC4-25600 CL16 Quad Channel Desktop Memory Kit CMT32GX4M2E3200 - Black" over the two ripjaws.

  • magarity
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    No, heat is not a problem with m.2. I have a pair: 970 and a 980, never had a problem with heat.

    Optimizesnfor amd or intel is marketing nonsense as far as anyone can tell. My ddr4 wasn't any particular "optimized for" and it works fine. That gskill kit is fine.

    That corsair cooler comes with preapplied paste, there is no need to buy a tube.
  • Kaz_is_here
    Thanks so much for all the help!
  • Ian

    Greetings, To answer the reservation question: if you can't reserve a specific item that is in stock, you can add it on at time of purchase in-store. That would not be an issue.

  • Shoan041
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    Your build looks pretty good. There is thermal paste that comes with the AIO if you don't want to buy some. I have sold that kit of ram with Ryzen and I've had good results with it. There are ones that are optimized for a certain CPU, but that doesn't mean it won't work with another CPU brand. Worst case, the technician will contact you about switching to a different kit.

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