Micro Center Champion Build Guide: The Ultimate Gaming PC

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Written by @Shoan041

If you're gaming, you don't want to be held back by low framerates, GPU bottlenecks, or overheating components. We put together this parts list for the ultimate gaming PC, featuring the highest-end components and cooling to create the Ultimate Gaming PC. Frame drops, input lag, and crashes will be a thing of the past!

GPU: ASUS - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti ROG Strix Liquid Cooled

We know you can’t claim to have the Ultimate Gaming PC without a top-of-the-line graphics card. The 3090 Ti is one of the fastest GPUs on the gaming market currently. The ASUS ROG Strix Liquid Cooled model is a hybrid card that comes with a built-in 240mm water-cooled radiator to keep it as cool as possible.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D

The Ryzen 7 5800X3D is currently the fastest gaming processor on the market. Benchmarks for this processor put it above some of the absolute top processors for frame rate. This processor averages temperatures of 80 to 85 degrees Celsius under full load, which is a safe temperature, but makes the cooling for this machine super important! Which is why we strongly recommend a water cooler for this beast, like the  NZXT Kraken Z73.

Mobo: ASUS - X570 ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

This Dark Hero is an absolutely stunning motherboard. It has some of the best cooling on the market as well as plenty of ports for expansion, RGB, and a good selection of USB ports. I've previously recommended this board in our motherboard roundup, which you can read here!

RAM: G.Skill - Trident Z Neo Series RGB 32GB (2x16GB)

32GB of the Trident Z Neo Series will make sure you won’t run into RAM issues with any games. 3600Mhz at CAS Latency 16 ensures that the CPU and GPU won’t be bottlenecked by the RAM. You can even push it to 3800Mhz if you want that extra power.

Case: Lian Li - LANCOOL III RGB Tempered Glass ATX

The Lancool II Mesh was a long-standing, amazing case and arguably the best case on the market for cooling, ease of use, and excellent price point. The Lancool III builds upon its successor, allowing for a 420MM Radiator, more HDDs and SSDs, and even better airflow!

PSU: SuperNOVA 1000 GT 80 Plus Gold

No one likes to rebuild their PC just because they didn’t have enough wattage when they upgraded. This power supply has plenty of power to handle any gaming build and has a little extra headroom for upgrading to what next-generation processors and graphics cards will most likely need. Gold efficiency is great to help keep your computer cooler and save on your electric build over the bronze ones. And if you're a regular builder, you know how much cooler and easier it is to build with a fully modular power supply.

SSD: Samsung 980 Pro SSD 2TB M.2 NVMe

This is the fastest NVMe on the market and will ensure you can boot Windows and launch and play games super quick. 2TB is a lot of space and will be enough for most gamers to get by on. Don’t worry though, you can still add a second NVMe and several SATA drives to this system if you need more storage!

The full parts list can be found on our Custom PC Builder:

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