Store Reservation Charges FULL amount?


I'm trying to place a reservation for a SD Card and use my Micro Center charge to pay at store according to your established reservation policy.

We will only place a $1 hold on the credit card you enter online upon placing the reservation. The full payment for the order will still have to be made in-store at the time of pickup. 

However the reservation page now states: Please note that your card will be authorized for the total amount. If the order is cancelled, your bank or financial institution determines when the authorization hold will be released and funds made available.

Could you please clarify your reservation policy as there seems to be a discrepancy.


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    Hello @vekspec

    Sorry for the confusion here! We're testing a new implementation of our reservation system that will allow you to pay for the item in full before arriving at the store and then verify your identity once you reach the store.

    It looks like you're shopping in one of our test stores!

    Because this is only being tested at a select few stores, we have not yet updated our reservation language across the chain.

    I really appreciate you reaching out about this concern though! Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns in the future!


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