Crashing Red Devil 6800XT

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edited October 2022 in Graphics Cards

I have a red devil 6800xt and it crashes to a black screen every other day or so and the drivers need to be reinstalled everytime. Each time it crashes, it takes like 3 attempts in safe mode to be able to install the driver because it crashes when booting up. Sometimes it wont even boot after a crash

I did a full restore of everything and restarted from scratch. Nothing seems to work and it seems to be a faulty card but i'm scared to take it in to the store to get a warranty replacement because it only happens every other day or so.

I can't go without a card because i need it for work but i cant keep dealing with this issue.

What should i do?

5600 CPU

x570 RoG Strix Mobo

32gb of ram @ 3600

1000w power supply

just in case any of that matters


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