Accelerate Your Returns with Micro Center's Online Return Check-In!

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Written by Sean Mekinda

We know returns can be a hassle. That's why we want to make them as easy as possible for our Micro Center account members! Now, not only do you get an extra 14 days on all returns, you can take care of all the paperwork before you arrive at the store with Micro Center's Online Return Check-In!

Micro Center's Return Check-In takes care of all the fuss with only a few quick questions you can answer from anywhere. Take care of your return the night before on the couch or as you're walking through our front doors. Then, simply hand our associate your return, show them your Return QR code, and you're done!

Here's how it works:

How To Use Micro Center's Online Return Check-In

To start your return, sign in to your Micro Center account, then navigate to your Orders tab, highlighted in a red box below:

From there, select the product you would like to return and click the blue RETURN button. Please note that if it is outside of the indicated Return By date, you will not be able to complete the Online Return Check-In process.

Once you have selected your item for returning, our Return Check-In will ask you two to four short and easy questions:

  1. How many of this item are you returning?
  2. Have you opened this item?
  3. If you have opened this item, why are you returning it?
  4. If you select "Defective" or "Damaged Merchandise" for question 3, you'll be asked to briefly explain what is wrong with the product.

For question 3, your options include:

  • Defective - this option is for products that did not work as intended when used. Please let us know what element of the product was defective, such as "USB port not connecting"
  • Did Not Perform as Expected - this option is for products that work pefectly but not for your needs.
  • Wrong Item - this option is for products that work perfectly but aren't the product you intended to pick up
  • Damaged Merchandise - this option is for products that were physically broken when you recieved them. Please let us know what element of the product was damaged, such as "cracked LCD screen"

Once you have answere all questions, click the blue CONTINUE button.

This step is just to ensure that your return is accurate. Please review your information and verify that it is as accurate as possible. Once you've ensured everything is accurate, click the blue SUBMIT button.

That's it! Our Return Check-In will generate a QR code for you to present to the associate at the store when you make your return. Bring your merchandise to your local store and head to the returns counter to complete your return!

Be sure to bring your original method of payment to complete your return

Two quick reminders:

  • Ensure all cords, cables, and parts are included with your return. If pieces are missing, we may not be able to complete your return.
  • Bring the original method of payment to the store.

Our goal is to make every trip to Micro Center fun and easy. We hope that our online Return Check-In will help make even the return trips a little bit smoother. And don't worry, if you prefer to simply walk into Micro Center with your return, you absolutely can - no Check-In needed!


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