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I'm so frustrated at Micro Center right now. I bought a custom-built gaming PC back in July, 2022. Thankfully, I also purchased a 3-year system protection plan at the same time. I noticed it was having BSOD issues immediately. After making sure all the drivers and software were updated, I continued to have issues. I took the PC in for repair and the tech replaced the graphics card, thinking that was the issue. It worked for a few weeks afterwards, but then began to randomly BSOD again. After fighting with it for months, I made the 45 minute drive and brought it back to Micro Center. The tech kept it for two (2) weeks and said he couldn't find anything wrong with it! When I brought it back home, it BSOD immediately after login and has been randomly crashing ever since. I've reloaded Windows 10 multiple times, even upgraded to 11, removed all my 3rd party apps, and it still crashes. I'm completely at a loss for what to do next. Right now I just have a $3500 paperweight. What are my options? Can I bring it back and exchange it for a new build? Can I have them pull everything and have them check each component individually?


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